Montereggi extravirgin olive oil

The historic Montereggi estate has been a property of the family of the present owner for about four centuries.

Its main product today is extra virgin olive oil; the top quality of this oil is mainly due to the ground and climate of the area; there are about 6000 olive trees of three different types.

From the late october to december, olives are hand picked and pressed within a few hours in the modern private oilmill; the temperature is kept low during the pressing so as to keep the particular fragrance and a very low acidity.

The skin, the kernel and a small quantity of leaves become the so-called “nocciolino di sansa”, a high grade fuel. The remaining part, called sansa bagnata (wet olive husk) is taken into the olive groves as a good fertilizer.

On the same day of the pressing, the oil is taken to the villa's oil cellar which is ideal for a perfect mainteinance. “Montereggi” extra virgin olive oil is sold in cans or bottles on the premises; it can be shipped (only in cans) by express courier.

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